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Nippon Prologis REIT, Inc.

Full sponsor support from the Prologis Group

NPR will leverage the full sponsor support of the Prologis Group, from solid pipeline support to the use of resources such as a global customer network, operational expertise, and management resources.

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Overview of the Prologis Group

The Prologis Group: A Global Network

  • Prologis, Inc., the global parent company of the Prologis Group, is a real estate investment trust headquartered in the United States and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • The Prologis Group has developed, owned or managed logistics real estate of approximately 91 million square meters in 19 countries across Asia, the Americas and Europe. Leasing to approximately 5,500 customers, the Prologis Group's global network of logistics facilities allows us to provide advanced logistics facilities to customers around the globe.
  Asia Americas Europe
Total area
(million m2)
approx. 9.5 approx. 63 approx. 18.5
No. facilities in
249 3,611 845
No. countries 3 4 12
Map アジア アメリカ大陸 ヨーロッパ
  • Source: Prologis, Inc.
    Rentable area under development, owned or operated by Prologis Group and the number of logistics facilities are as of December, 2020.

Prologis Japan

  • As a leading company and pioneer in the development of logistics facilities in Japan, Prologis Japan has a strong track record of developing 101 properties, representing approximately 7.0 million square meters of gross floor area, in the decade since 2002.
  • From development to property management, the staff of Prologis Japan are committed to supporting customers with wide-ranging “one-stop shop” services, strengthening the long-standing relationships that the Prologis Group maintains with its valuable clients worldwide.

The Prologis Group's Track Record of Logistics Facilities Development in Japan

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