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Nippon Prologis REIT, Inc.

Full sponsor support from the Prologis Group

NPR will leverage the full sponsor support of the Prologis Group, from solid pipeline support to the use of resources such as a global customer network, operational expertise, and management resources.

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Potential Acquisition Pipeline

As of February 8, 2021

Status Region / Area Property Name (Expected) Year Built Property Type (Expected) GFA (sqm)
Exclusive Negotiation Rights Granted Kanto Prologis Park Ebina 2 Aug. 2021 Build-to-Suit 38,511
Prologis Park Soka Apr. 2022 Multi-Tenant 151,604
Kansai Prologis Park Kobe5 Mar. 2021 Multi-Tenant 45,321
Prologis Park Inagawa 1 Nov. 2021 Multi-Tenant 217,544
Prologis Park Inagawa 2 Jul. 2021 Multi-Tenant 158,633
Under Development or Planning Kanto Prologis Urban Tokyo-Adachi 1 Nov. 2020 Multi-Tenant 5,171
Prologis Park Yachiyo 1 Sep. 2022 Multi-Tenant 159,700
Prologis Park Yachiyo 2 TBD TBD 113,000
Prologis Park Tsukuba 3 TBD TBD 156,000
Prologis Urban Tokyo-Adachi 2 TBD TBD 6,430
Kansai Prologis Park Kobe 3 TBD TBD 38,700
Chubu Prologis Tokai Otagawa Project TBD TBD 164,000
Kyusyu Prologis Park Ogori TBD TBD 29,000
Future Project Kanto Prologis Koga Project Phase 2 TBD TBD TBD
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